The Snowball

I’ve seen videos of avalanches. They are big, powerful, and unstoppable. Its a juggernaut that keeps going rolling to the bottom. Resistance, (as the Borg would say) is futile. 

This week, the avalanche is in Winston. World Changers has taken over our little town and it is full steam ahead. The past few days, students and their adults have been at homes, parks, and churches all around Winston, Green, Dillard, and Canyonville. They are working hard, changing lives, and working hard TO change lives. 

As hard as these wonderful volunteers are working, I’m very much in awe of how hard our little church has been working to supply lunches to all these students. I should show a picture sometime. It is quite remarkable what a great little machine we have here. It is a constant reminder that though individually we may consider ourselves poor, God can still accomplish amazing things when we work together. 

It makes me think about how Christ started his ministry. He had 12 disciples that he called away to follow him. To think that our faith, built on the sacrificial death and resurrection of Christ, was entrusted to 12 men who didn’t have much on their own, is a testament to how powerful our Lord is. Providing for this project, to Him, is peanuts.

May God bless all of you as he has blessed us!Image

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