You can be a… Wooooooorld Changerrrrrr!!!!!

I am very tired. But it is for a good reason, not like the times in college I would stay up late at night playing video games and drinking Dr. Pepper. As I type, adults in Winston and various churches are hurriedly putting together last minute details and what not for our World Changer project next week in Winston, Oregon. Stuff is everywhere, but mostly situated in the youth room. It looks like a college student’s doomsday bunker.

There are times when the planning process has been frustrating. Things don’t come together like they are supposed to. Funding is always an issue that lingers in the back of your mind that threatens to undo the positive attitude and the excitement that has been building up in you the past two or three months, and mercifully, I’m not the person that has to pull together the funding.

However, with less than a week to go, things seem to be coming together. God has been gracious as always with us, and we are getting that much more confident that this week will be unlike anything that has ever been seen in the town of Winston.

With that though comes all the busyness and the behind the scenes work. My desk is littered with World Changers information, contacts, updates, and notes scrawled any spare piece of paper I can find. My thoughts are disorganized, which as Denise will tell you, is nothing new.

And to be frank and honest, there have been times in the midst of a rush of frustrations that I have said to myself, “I wouldn’t have to be dealing with this right now if I never introduced this project.” Yes. I have said that a few times. In His infinite grace, God has reminded me that yes, if we weren’t doing this project, I wouldn’t have to worry about anything. The flip side though, is that if this project was never here, the city of Winston would never be impacted for Christ as they will be soon. Homes and lives that desperately need fixing would never be fixed, and I wouldn’t be on task with what God is already doing here.

The busyness is worth it. The frustration is worth it. The piles of paper and to-do lists are worth it. Proverbs 14:4 tells us:

“Where no oxen are, the manger is clean,

But much revenue comes by the strength of the ox.”

I would have rather have a busy and messy desk than a stagnant and clean one.


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